April 14th, 2009

Now, google calendar has 3 alternate calendars. Select Kuwait, so you can have misri calendar (the one that Dawoodi Bohra Community follows).

Be sure to double check the dates.

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23 Responses to “Misri Calendar”

  1. Ali Ebrahim says:

    Beware of the Kuwaiti calendar in the longer term. While it follows the same number of days per month as our calendar, the scheme for determining leap years differs slightly.

    Therefore if you use the Kuwaiti algorithm to calculate dates which are a few years into the future your result may be off by one day. More info here:


  2. Aliasger Talib says:


    You have a very nice, updated website.

    I was wondering if you had any information where I could find a misri calendar for my mobile (Siny Ericsson), preferably with the Miqaats in them.

    I’ve been searching for a while but have no luck yet.

    Thanks in advance.

    - Aliasger

  3. Mulla Husein Hamid/Darugar says:

    Assalam Alaykum, Shabbirbhai I am living in Norway and I was wordering is I can get the nettside into my mobile and I have Sony Ericsson C905 for the Misri Calender and may be other things thank you khuda hafiz.

  4. Abdeali Lokawala says:

    Shabbir bhai I am leaving in Kuwait and having Sony Ericson W595.
    looking hijri Calender for my cell with all micats.
    Any help??
    Duwama yad.

  5. Murtaza Hussain says:

    Assalam Alaikum,

    Dear Shabbir Bhai! I am looking for some freeware of misricalander which i can use on my SE W910i.

    May ALLAH almighty bless you with Sehat, Raahat, Barakat, Neamat and unlimited Khushi..AAMIN!!!


  6. Mulla Husein Hamid/Darugar says:

    Assalam Alaikum,

    Dear Shabbirbhai I am looking for some freeware of Misricalander whic i can use in my Mobil which is W760i,,, shukran khuda hafiz Mulla Husein Hamid from Norway.

  7. 11/01/1978 says:

    i have check my hijri date of birth

  8. abbas attarwala says:

    please forward me misri calender hijri 1432 nd 2011

  9. abbas attarwala says:

    thank you

  10. Najmuddin says:

    salam, i need misri hijri calender from 1400 till present

  11. Shabbir says:

    Dear Shabbir, Salaam. I want hijri calendar for my nokia e5. Please send me to my email or give me link from where i should get it. Wassalaam Shabbir.

  12. i have develope one hijricalendar for our bohra community,please check this facebook page and download from that link

  13. Tajbhai says:

    Salaams please i need misri calendar from 1406 to date

  14. burhan says:

    please send hijri celender

  15. arifa says:

    Thank you for doing this. Its great!

  16. plz send me misri celender 1432 nd 2011.

  17. Aliasgar Taheri Aurangabad says:

    plz send me misri calender 1433 nd 2012 and 1434
    Dua maa yaad

  18. Husain Tashrifwala says:

    plz mail me full hijri calender for my website asp.net

  19. mustafa says:

    Please send dawood bohara calendar please 1333/1334

  20. M.Qutubuddin saifee says:

    Bhai shabbir bhai
    Misri calender should be 12 sheet, both dates with miqaat
    Thats display in mobile calender itself.

  21. SHABBIR HUSAIN says:

    Iam Shanbir Husain From Kuwait

  22. Shabbir Junnarwala says:

    Can u tell wat was the hijri date on 03 March 1959???