Ubuntu — once again !

About a fortnight ago, I sold my old laptop which I had bought sometime ago, and bought a new one. Dell Inspirion Mini 1012. It came with a years warranty and 3 year extra warranty from the place I bought it.

It was shipped with Windows 7 starter version with license and the hard disk was a single huge partition. I installed ubuntu on it. Then thought if I can get the partitions created by the company personnel itself. The 3 year warranty was with software issues. But the company refused to handle the case, as they said it has to be with Windows ONLY.

Anyways, I got it partitioned and installed Windows 7 again. Yesterday, I coiped the Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop ISO on the E drive, downloaded the wubi installer to C driver, and it found out tiself the iso file and installed Ubuntu in flat 10 mins. It was great.

So, a happy ending: Windows 7 and Unbuntu 10.04 co-exist on the same hard drive partition!

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