Moriswala and Faiz e Qutbi

I once again went to Moriswala Musafirkhana. The experience was same as earlier. No changes.

Faiz e Qutbi — i found co-operative. I happily paid the charges.

(adding this note on Feb 23, 2014) Please note: I am not doing booking for any Musafirkhana.

(adding this note on Mar 11, 2014) Moriswala: +91 22 23449402.

18 thoughts on “Moriswala and Faiz e Qutbi

  1. The management is what makes the difference not the facilities.
    Once in a Non-AC room I fell ill with a very high fever after mid-night in Faiz-e-Qutbi. The people their got some medicine from a drug store and shifted me to an AC room for a few hours until I felt well again. Thats some good experience I had there.

  2. we came from Sydney. I would like to know that is there room available at 10dec and 11 Dec 2013 I request you to reply soon.

  3. would like to do booking in morriswalla musafirkhana for 1 room where me n my daughter will be coming on 22/2/2014.. is it possible??

  4. kindly send me your numbers we are 7 people all adults want utaro call before 13th February or you can call me on +254729502985

  5. My wife and me would like to come to mumbai on 11th Feb 2014 to 16th Feb 2014. Would like to book one room for us with English Toilet. Please book and confirm.

  6. I would like to book a room for 1 day 22/2/2014 i will be bringing my mother who is a heart patient and also a paralysed patient she will be coming to mumbai for ziyarat and will be flying away to malaysia on 23/2/2014.we have always stayed at this musafir khana as it is very covenient even mybrotbers wedding reception has beendone in this hall

  7. Request to book a room for family of 3 members from 19-03-2014 to 31-03-2014. Kindly acknowledge availability & confirmation

  8. I & my family will come to Mumbai at 25th April & want to book room for 6 adult & 3 child

  9. Khozema a rangwala wants a room I moriswala musafirkhana and my mother who is having knee problem who is 65 years old is also travelling with me

  10. Salam
    Request to book a room for family of 4 members from 22-01-2015 to 24-01-2015. Kindly acknowledge availability & confirmation.1 patient problem is back pain.slip disk.

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