Its my Salgirah

Alhamdolillah competed under year according to the hijri calendar under the saya of Huzurala TUS. Ameen. 

A Salgirah worth remembering for the life time. May Allah bless always and forever. Ameen. 

Zilhaj 25, 1438 H. September 16, 2017.

Living in Delhi

Its my fourth day today in Delhi, and would say that we find Delhi much cleaner and cheaper.

Metro is excellent, though they need to be more tourist friendly. Auto rickshaws are easily available, but you need to talk for the fares earlier itself before boarding them. They dont ply on meter. City buses also offer an easier way to travel. But you wont find the route guide or something similar which even the metro misses out. They should have a route guide with distance meter and approx time to travel especially for travellers. Mumbai has one. They even have apps for it. I’m not sure if Delhi has any such things, if yes, they need to market it properly, if not, they need to develop it and of course market it so people are aware and use them.

Overall a very good experience. Looking forward to many more visits, Inshallah.

Helping out to others is important

Giving shade

Here is a pic of a tree which gives shelter to people during scorching summer at Nagpur daily.


It simply reminds us that its not important of where you stand and how much you can give, important is that you give to others without expecting any returns.


Nature’s way.