Dominos Pizza

Dear Domino’s — Jubilant  Food Works Company

I recently had Pizza’s at your outlet. Believe me, the pizza’s were as delicious as they can be.

A small note though, I paid through debit card, while the amount was xxx.90, i was charged round figure. Its ok when i pay in cash, that there is no change of 10 paisa available, but when paying through debit card, it should be exact, Is it not ?

Anybody listening ?

While waiting for the pizza to arrive, I told my son, that I will write a blog on this, he said, comeon, its just 10 paisa. I said its not matter of 10 paisa, its point of being exact, especially when its paid through card. If it would have been cash, it was ok.


Discount Coupon scheme being launched on ShahiRaj

We are excited to say that we are planning to launch a Discount Coupon Scheme on Shahi Raj ( )
We request you to upload your products on before January 30th 2018 and be prepared for delivery of the products.
We will notify you regarding the discount coupon scheme soon, which you can also forward to your friends and customers so that they can benefit from the same.
Looking forward to a Happy Business.