Living in Delhi

Its my fourth day today in Delhi, and would say that we find Delhi much cleaner and cheaper.

Metro is excellent, though they need to be more tourist friendly. Auto rickshaws are easily available, but you need to talk for the fares earlier itself before boarding them. They dont ply on meter. City buses also offer an easier way to travel. But you wont find the route guide or something similar which even the metro misses out. They should have a route guide with distance meter and approx time to travel especially for travellers. Mumbai has one. They even have apps for it. I’m not sure if Delhi has any such things, if yes, they need to market it properly, if not, they need to develop it and of course market it so people are aware and use them.

Overall a very good experience. Looking forward to many more visits, Inshallah.

Purana Killa, New Delhi

Just besides the National Zoological Park is Purana Qilla. As there was nothing much in the Zoo to see and admire, we thought it better to go to Purana Qilla and relive the history.

But, as we started walking, the initial look was great, while after that, it was nothing. Just two structures standing, which were less visited and saw more couples behind the trees. “Jitne pyaar jhad ke piche karte ho utna hi jhad se kar lo”. Had to leave the place in less than half an hour.

National Zoological Park, New Delhi

Its in a very bad state. The park needs to be overwhelmed and taken care of on an urgent basis, else there will be nothing more left in it. We thought its a long journey of approx 5.5 kms and we would need to travel by BOT passenger cars provided inside the facility which takes you to total 11 points all around the zoo. After initial viewing of 2-3 points, we and almost everyone just kept sitting in the car and not getting down to visit and admire the animals there, because there are none. What are there are not in good condition, hence not worth the trip.

Delhi, here I Come

After a long time, travelling to Delhi by Indian Railways. The journey was a long one but soothing. Though the train was at a slow speed, reached Delhi late by half an hour. It kept stopping at all stops, even if it was not a scheduled stop, while it already had about 30 scheduled stops. The coach even had small rats moving in it.

Had a nice journey though.


Some people make false commitments, they themselves know that they are not going to keep the commitment they are making. But the person receiving the commitment falls prey to it, and gives further commitments or makes plans based on the earlier commitment received.


And then, all fails. Who is to blame ? The one who made the first commitment, or the believer, believing that he will keep his word.