Some people make false commitments, they themselves know that they are not going to keep the commitment they are making. But the person receiving the commitment falls prey to it, and gives further commitments or makes plans based on the earlier commitment received.


And then, all fails. Who is to blame ? The one who made the first commitment, or the believer, believing that he will keep his word.

1st Ziyarat to Burhanpur after Misaq

Saturday evening left for Burhanpur with Abdeali for ziyarat — the 1st ziyarat after his misaq held recently. The trip has left many a new experiences, alhamdolillah.

While we took Duronto from Nagpur upto Bhusawal, then Express from there till Burhanpur and reached by 3am.

While returning we missed a train at Burhanpur station by a few minutes as we got late in Tonga (Horse cart). But again, as luck was to have it, as we reached Bhusawal we missed another train by a few minutes again. Then we had to talk passenger train upto Badnera and then bus from Amravati till Nagpur.

Had a superb time.