Android GPS Lenovo

I have a Lenovo K6 Power. The mobile is superb in all respects – network, call quality, internet speed, battery life etc.


Since some days, probably a month now, the GPS on Google Page shows varied locations very often. Sometimes I just travel 100s of Kilometers and then in few minutes back to town. Wow.. given me wings !

1st Ziyarat to Burhanpur after Misaq

Saturday evening left for Burhanpur with Abdeali for ziyarat — the 1st ziyarat after his misaq held recently. The trip has left many a new experiences, alhamdolillah.

While we took Duronto from Nagpur upto Bhusawal, then Express from there till Burhanpur and reached by 3am.

While returning we missed a train at Burhanpur station by a few minutes as we got late in Tonga (Horse cart). But again, as luck was to have it, as we reached Bhusawal we missed another train by a few minutes again. Then we had to talk passenger train upto Badnera and then bus from Amravati till Nagpur.

Had a superb time.