Lenovo Vike K6 Power Update to Nougat Android 7.0

After a long awaited wait for android 7.0 nougat update on my lenovo vibe k6 power, i am very disappointed.

The response time on my phone has slowed down notably.

Contacts are all messed up, could not get a clear contacts even after factory resetting the phone, contacts in gmail are clean though.

God bless us.


Some people make false commitments, they themselves know that they are not going to keep the commitment they are making. But the person receiving the commitment falls prey to it, and gives further commitments or makes plans based on the earlier commitment received.


And then, all fails. Who is to blame ? The one who made the first commitment, or the believer, believing that he will keep his word.

Jio 4G or Jio 1G

During the day, its normally 2G services which we actually get, the download / upload speed never crosses 800kbps, thats not even an MBPS at any point of the day.

During, the night, after 10 pm its worst. its normally in BPS not even KBPS.

Hadees Kalaam and Quotes

Hadees — the sayings of Prophet Mohammed SAW

Kalaam — the sayings of Maulana Ali Ibne Abi Talib AS

and Quotes — by famous personalities around the world.


We often turn to them or quote them in our daily life. As life passes by through rough weather, I see many of Hadees, Kalaam and Quotes happening in front of me.

Thats life.

Its Tin Foil now :(

Last week I bought 2 big Tin Foil fishes. The fish seller maintained that I can keep them with 2 yellow parrot and 1 oscar, but they died within few hours of life in the aquarium setup with these two.


I felt very bad, as they died very very early. I was expecting a good life of them in aquarium. Later the fish seller said that they died because of incompatibility. Not even a sorry 🙁