Hadees Kalaam and Quotes

Hadees — the sayings of Prophet Mohammed SAW

Kalaam — the sayings of Maulana Ali Ibne Abi Talib AS

and Quotes — by famous personalities around the world.


We often turn to them or quote them in our daily life. As life passes by through rough weather, I see many of Hadees, Kalaam and Quotes happening in front of me.

Thats life.

Its Tin Foil now :(

Last week I bought 2 big Tin Foil fishes. The fish seller maintained that I can keep them with 2 yellow parrot and 1 oscar, but they died within few hours of life in the aquarium setup with these two.


I felt very bad, as they died very very early. I was expecting a good life of them in aquarium. Later the fish seller said that they died because of incompatibility. Not even a sorry 🙁

Rights Rights and Rights

Look around, and we find, including ourselves, only talking of Rights, Rights and Rights. It seems everybody has just forgotten or does not want to think of Duties. It is always written as Rights and Duties, but we seem to forget the complete sentence and just keep up with the first word. Probably, because the first word is all about getting, while the second world is all about giving. Why we forget that unless someone gives, somebody else cannot get it.

There has been a famous quote reading “Ask what I can do for the country?” and dont say “What can the country do for me?”

I remember in one of His discourses while reciting shahadat of Maulana Abdullah AS, the son of Imam Husain AS, more prominently known as “Dulha of Karbala”, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA especifically stressed that it was long time when Imam Hasan AS had given him the note which he remembered, while he never asked for the hands of Sakina AS in marriage from Imam Husain AS which was also promised at the same time. He remembered his duty and not the right. I think maybe that is why he is popularly called by the Right. The zikr is always done of the Duty he performed, but he always remembered by the Right he never claimed.

May Allah bless us all. Ameen.

Kidney Stones — The night of Diwali

On the night of the diwali, suddenly had severe pain for kidney stones. Had little problem since couple of days but it did not stuck that it would be too much suddenly.

It was hard to find a doctor at the onset and then a medical shop to get the medicines prescribed. Later Dr Murtaza Akhtar had to be called on phone and he helped while still on vacation. Thanks Dr.

Called Murtaza Rangwala to take me to doctors place as I was unable to drive. Thanks dear for coming in emergency. On Time.