Delay in channels

Just noticed, my neighbor has dish tv setup at his home and where im im sitting has wired cable line.

Dish tv setup is few seconds earlier than the cable setup.


And i used to thunk that delay is only in internet relays.


Dominos Pizza

Dear Domino’s — Jubilant¬† Food Works Company

I recently had Pizza’s at your outlet. Believe me, the pizza’s were as delicious as they can be.

A small note though, I paid through debit card, while the amount was xxx.90, i was charged round figure. Its ok when i pay in cash, that there is no change of 10 paisa available, but when paying through debit card, it should be exact, Is it not ?

Anybody listening ?

While waiting for the pizza to arrive, I told my son, that I will write a blog on this, he said, comeon, its just 10 paisa. I said its not matter of 10 paisa, its point of being exact, especially when its paid through card. If it would have been cash, it was ok.


Nagpur in top 20 — Polluted cities in India

Well, Nagpur is in news again, but this time for getting itself in Top 20 Polluted cities in India.

While, the results are based on tests which are done at Civil Lines, which is much cleaner and green, I would request the authorities to take sample tests at random places in Nagpur, especially covering the eastern part of the city too. Also, as the authorities are blaming the temperature being down, also request them to consider the dust and pollution caused because of under construction roads all over. No cleaning takes place at all.

Anybody listening ?

Ola Cancelled rides

I had a ride on Ola after a long time since June, but they remembered to recover an amount of Rs 50/- on account of cancelled ride made in June 2017.

The ride was cancelled as requested by the driver then, who was unable to reach my location. Why am I supposed to pay the charges ? and what for ? Rather, Ola should pay as they made me stand on road at 11.41 pm on road for 15 mins with two patients besides me.

Ola, You wanna help people ride and earn business or want to avoid people ride on and loose business. Think tanks ?