Employee crunch or excess ?

About a month earlier, I had a marathon interviews for 5 hours spread over 2 days and selected 3 future employees, 2 for my own ventures and one for a friend of mine.

Out of the three, this is what happened:

The first one who had joined at my firend’s place left the job with the reason of workplace being too far.

The second who was to work from home for my venture, left saying she has got exams overhead.

The third one, again who was to work from home for my venture, left saying she cant do it.

Why waste time ? Salary was good, what they asked for, was agreed.

Shahi Raj — net — free web hosting for a year

Yeah, am happy to announce that under ShahiRaj.net we shall be providing free domain space for a year. There are no catches into it, its simple, just plain free domain space for a year. Anybody can send a request for it, by going through shahiraj.net or sending an email to shabbir at shahiraj dot net

The idea is to provide a boost to online spaces for individuals, bloggers, budding entrepreneurs, startups and the like.

If they need any help in buying a domain or building the website, my team will be happy to help.


ShahiRaj.com updates

Alhamdolillah, with multiple sellers now on board ShahiRaj.com and their products uploaded on ShahiRaj.com, we have now also joined hands with Delhivery for faster and quick pickup and delivery of all orders placed on ShahiRaj.com


Happy Shopping.