Blackberry in India

I had a very good blackberry phone viz Torch 9860 model, which “had” excellent touch, good response, nice camera quality, better features needed for keeping email and work and leisure and play active all at the same time to an extent.

Suddenly, it stopped working one fine morning. And, thus began the road to its end and a shock for me.

The service centre in India took 800/- INR to install fresh  software on it, saying that the piece purchased in UAE is not valid for free services in India even under warranty. (And I thought that BlackBerry was global!!!). Moreover this amount was taken without giving any proper receipts. The handset submission was also on a piece of paper generated through overwriting an existing word document and not noted anywhere in the system or software or making it through some service records of Blackberry officially at the official service centre.

Then, the second day, the phone did not start again and got hanged up, now the guy says that he shall send the mobile handset itself to Mumbai for repairs and it will be a whopping bill of minimum INR 4000/- towards its repairs and will take a minimum of 15 days, and there is no max specified at any place.

Malls in Nagpur

Malls in Nagpur are in general a failure. I think that the Mall Management is very much responsible for this due to their policies.

Couple of days earlier, I had been to The Empress Mall, the mall charged me INR 10/- for parking my vehicle in their premises. So how do they expect more foofalls in the mall. Simply put, less footfalls, less visitors, less business, and mall fails. How does the mall management think that we will pay Rs10/- for just parking our vehicles their ?

While discussing this issue with my friends, I came to know that Eternity Mall also charges Rs 5/- for parking of vehicles.

About some days ago, I read somewhere (I don’t remember if it was in print of paper), that Eternity Mall is facing shortage of footfalls; now I understand the reason for that.

I think that they should make parking FREE for say 4 hours as is in practice in Dubai, UAE in malls. After that, charge them nominal if they are not making any purchases in the mall. If they make purchase of some fixed amount they get an hour extra free and so on.

Otherwise, the future seems blink.

Grow up Malls in Nagpur, else you will fail.

Home Sweet Home

After living for 3+ years in Dubai, UAE, I have shifted back to Nagpur.

I remember while flying from Nagpur to Dubai for the first time, I cried, for leaving back my family and friends here. Writing this today, after 4 days of my travel, my eyes still cry, for I left behind my friends which were dearer to me. Some of them grew close to my heart while I was in Dubai, we had never met earlier, and some of them I knew since I was a small kid. Tears fell down uncontrollably while the plane took off from Sharjah Airport. As I said to one of my friends, on question of how I’m feeling at that exact moment, like a newly wed girl, happy to go to her new home, and at the same time, sad to leave her parents. Happy to find new life, sad that she will miss her old life, and soon adjust¬†to the new life.

All said, but, I will not be able to forget all those who have made a deep impact in my heart.


I did not know till sometime earlier that Twitter can be used with DU connections. Its great, setup was quite very smooth and easy. Lets see when the tweets start coming up. Earlier Airtel sim of India had to be used.

Marhaba Ahlan wa Sahlan ya Sultan al Bohra

Sultan al Bohra as He is generally known in the United Arab Emirates, His Holiness Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb TUS will grace the land of Dubai enroute to Mumbai from Misr.

Yesterday, Janab Amilsaheb Kinana Bhaisaheb did bayan during majlis which raised the level of understanding and faith to a great heights.