Chilling Winters

This year, the winters are quiet chilling. Its 6.8 degrees minimum in Nagpur and the meterology department says that the mercury will drip more in the coming days.

Couple of days earlier, it rained for few minutes too. And both the days I happened to be driving while it rained. A sweet chilling memory.

Waras Mubarak

As I grow older day by day, the day I was born marking another milestone of me passing another year of my life. Celebrating the day with Sukoon. The Sun rises and sets, the moon follows the suit with the stars lighting up the nights and making it bright even in the darkness.

I rest with Sukoon, celebrating Waras…. and inshallah more to come ahead. Ameen.

Vacating in Mumbai

This year, we went to Mumbai for our yearly vacation. This was a double trip, ziyarat of Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA and Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA along with roaming in Mumbai. A short trip of 4 days and 5 nights which includes 2 nights in travelling was a good one.

We put up our stay at a room near Raudat Tahera itself, so that we save on time and money for travelling to ziyarat and that it was to be done multiple times a day. Room was nice, small but sufficient enough for 9 of us.

Next Year ….. lets wait and watch !!!