Comparing Yemen

I am back from Yemen after a superb trip there. Many times I had heard that Yemen is backward. I would just like to make some comparisions, which will explain themselves that Yemen is not backward at all.

I was in Haraz area, and I used 1mbps internet line on wifi with other surfers also hooked on the same network. Back in Nagpur, I could not get even 512Kbps on CDMA line which was claimed to be much better.

While at Yemen airport, there was FREE WIFI access and I used it seamlessly. At Nagpur Airport, there is no WIFI, forget using it for free.

The roads (where built) are good. The vehicles much better and as they should be given the conditions there.

Almost everywhere there was telephone coverage, even on high peaks. And I had been on very high peaks, even on Jojab (Shibaam) and gave crystal clear voice.

Keep looking out for some landmarks of Yemen as mapped by my mobile gps.